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srSpeed Radar Gun with data logger is portable hand held and is used extensively by law enforcement agencies worldwide.The unit is powered by a handle battery with charger. The battery can be recharged overnight with the battery charger provided along with the unit All the necessary functions such as RF Hold, Target speed lock-release; Range control; volume CONTROL. Light and accuracy tests have been provided for optimum use. The unit is encased in a heavy duty housing to withstand the effects of daily use. It is light weight and hence the operator fatigue is minimized. It provides accurate readings of on-coming and receding vehicle’s speeds.The Speed Radar Gun with Data Logger is capable of storing the target speed along with the time and date when the operator places the unit in the locked condition. This data is stored in memory internal to the unit. The data is downloaded to a PC using software and interface cable provided along with the unit. The printout of locked data can be taken with the help of supplied printer.


Frequency: K-band 24.125 GHz (+/- 100 MHz)

Beam Width: 12˚ horizontal

Operating Voltage: Corded: 10 to 16.5V DC, Cordless: 7.2V DC

Weight: 2.0 lbs. (0.9 kg) with battery handle

Speed Accuracy: Stationary +/- 1 mph (+/- 1 kph),

Moving: +1/- 2 mph (+2/-3 kph)

Typical Performance:

Stationary : 5 to 200 mph (8 to 321 kph)

Moving : 5 to 120 mph (8 to 193 kph)

Target Opposite Direction : 20 to 200 mph (32 to 321 kph)

Same Direction: 3 mph to 65% of Patrol (5 kph to 65% of Patrol)

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