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The Palm Wear Metal Detector is a highly sensitive unit that, when used properly, can readily detect both ferrous and non ferrous objects such as guns, knives, ice picks, razors, etc.

The silent pulsating feature of the Palm Wear Metal Detector alerts only the officer of the detected metal. In most instances the suspect will be unaware you are using a metal detector.


Features :-

  • Enhances officer safety
  • Frees your hand and fingers to perform search­es using academy approved techniques Alerts user of metal detection and not to sus­pect by vibrating
  • Can detect a safety pin or staple concealed in a suspects mouth
  • Secure factory settings- simple turn the Frisker PRO on and begin.
  • Replaceable 9 volt battery provides 3 months of normal use
  • Early tow battery indicator, no tools needed to ? change battery
  • Can be used in all weather conditions. The Frisker PRO is rugged, splash and salt water resistant
  • Adjusts to fit all hand sizes. May be worn on the left or right hand
  • Point specific sensor, negates re-bar false positives
  • Is only 4″ wide and weighs just 2.2. ounces (w/out battery)
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