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  • Electro-chemical (fuel cell) sensor, good reliability and accuracy
  • Colorful LCD indication
  • “Mobile phone” keyboard for operation
  • Intelligent input methods, more concise.
  • Real time and temperature indication
  • Admirable human-device interface
  • Two level audible and visible alarm indication
  • Low battery automatic power off function
  • Measurement unit and alarming level adjustable function
  • Testing record review function
  • Wireless printing function
  • Connect to PC and upload the result
  • Records memory, including test time, result and types of result
  • Password management function
  • Adopt anti-return mouthpiece for health and safety

Technical Specification:

Sensor type: Electro-chemical (fuel cell) alcohol sensor
Test Range: 0.000-2.000mg/l
(0.400%B.A.C; 4.000%oB.A.C; 4.000g/l)
Alarming level:
Pass level: 0.090mg/L (could be modified)
Fail level:0.250mg/L (could be modified)
Work temperature: -10degree-50degree
Work humidity: < 95%RH ( No Dews )
Battery: 2XAA NiMH batteries, rating capacity: 2.1AH
Dimension : 122 X 67 X 31 mm
Weight: about 120g(excluding battery)
< 0.400 +/-0.020 mg/L
0.400 – 1.000 +/-5%
1.000 – 2.000 +/-20%

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